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Chief engineer JSC "Bolshevik Mine" JSC «Sibuglemet»
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The service maintenance

In the basis of the maintenance department LLC «RDE «Factory of MDU» put the ideology of leading world producers, based on the postulate "any failure is the responsibility of the manufacturer, and the service is a connecting link between the manufacturer and operating organization".

Today LLC «RDE «Factory of MDU» uses the service as a powerful resource to increase the customer value of the production, and thanks for its customers do not have any problems connected  with possible malfunctions, occurring during the operation of equipment.

Buying products of LLC «RDE «Factory of MDU», client can be sure of its long and continuous work with the company's warranty and maintenance service, modern diagnostic equipment and repair equipment, highly qualified specialists and original spare parts.

Maintenance department has been existing since the foundation of the Factory. The main object is execution of works for installation, precommissioning, repair warranty and service maintenance of equipment.

Today, professionals work at the maintenance department and they are capable to carry out tasks of any level of complexity. Department specialists regularly participate in seminars, trainings, certifications to improve their skills.

Service teams work all over Kemerovo region. In January 2013, the new office was opened in Leninsk - Kuznetsky, in addition to the Novokuznetsk Central office.

Today the maintenance department is:

  • the many years experience of servicing of the full range of used domestic and import equipment;
  • the certified specialists, trained in the companies-manufacturers of the equipment;
  • the installation and precommissioning, including start the equipment into operation;
  • the warranty and post-warranty service of the equipment during the whole operation life;
  • the availability of a full range of spare parts in the stock;
  • the prompt departure of technical experts to degassing units.

Kinds of the performed service works:

Installation and precommissioning of all the equipment range:

  • installation and connection of the equipment;
  • launching, precommissioning, putting into operation;
  • introduction and consultation of the Customer's personnel with the costruction, the operation rules and maintenance of the MDU equipment;
  • configuring  of the operation of the automated control system.

Warranty service:

  • departure to the repair  in accordance with an request is made during one working day;
  • emergency departures are executed immediately, regardless of the location of the MDU;
  • workshop for repairs is equipped to perform works that are required stationary conditions;
  • a special test bench is used for testing of  the equipment after repair;
  • to improve the efficiency and quality of work, the maintenance department is equipped with all necessary professional tools, but also it has at its disposal a fleet of various road vehicles.

Service maintenance:

  • the maintenance work helps to ensure uninterrupted operation of the object by performing routine maintenance, early fault diagnosis and planned repairs;
  • individual examining of the problems with the customer's equipment.

Service maintenance consists of the following stages of work:

  • inspection and maintenance;
  • setting of the operation data of the automated control system;
  • checking of the functionality of electro mechanics, power units, automation and control shields;
  • replacement of consumables and wearing parts;
  • providing of recommendations for the optimal operation of the units;
  • consulting support of the Customer personnel about the operation of the equipment.

The main priorities of our maintenance department are:

  • individual examining of the problems with the customer's equipment. The engineers of our department and the owners of the object are in a direct contact;
  • the necessary spare parts list is reserved for  all serviced units and equipment;
  • twenty-four-hour functioning of our service.

Department always has enough spare parts to meet the obligations for warranty service.


We provide the equipment warranty for 1 year. Under the condition of service maintenance of LLC «RDE «Factory of MDU» personnel, warranty is 2 years.