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MDU based on liquid ring pumps


MDU-50K was developed on the basis of two liquid ring vacuum pumps VVN2-50M. It consists of two modules:

- vacuuming module;
- controlling module.






MDU-150K was developed on the basis of two liquid ring vacuum pumps VVN-150M. It consists of 5 modules:

-two vacuuming modules;
-two water separating modules;
-controlling module.






Preliminary purification system of methane-air mixture

Manufacturers of liquid ring vacuum pumps have set requirements to the purity of the working fluid and the pumped gas:

• the contents of plant and mechanical impurities in the working fluid is not more than 40 mg/l;
• the size of the solid particles in the working fluid is not more than 100 μm;
• the pumped gas shall not contain moisture, and mechanical inclusions.

Often these requirements are violated due to the high content of dust in the air-gas environment because of mining operating, due to the roof collapse, damaging the integrity of the pipeline, pollution of degassing pipeline when it is remounting, etc. All dust and dirt from the methane-air mixture (MAM) gets into the working fluid of liquid ring vacuum pump, that in turn, leads to its failure. Therefore preliminary purification of the pumped MAM is necessary.

Our factory recommends you to install cyclone-preseparators and filters of ROBUSCHI production before vacuum pumps for purifying MAM from condensed moisture, as well as coal and rock dust.
Preliminary purification system can trap moisture and solid particles ranging in size from 10000 mkm to 50 mkm.
Preliminary purification of MAM in combination with the chemicals significantly extends the life time of the vacuum pump and instruments of the system of automation.