Lebedev Sergey Nikolaevich
Chief engineer JSC "Bolshevik Mine" JSC «Sibuglemet»
"Degassing unit of MDU-180RV was put into operation at the mine «Bolshevik»,...
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MDU based on rotary pumps with a deep vacuum (900 mbar)

Modular degassing unit on the basis of rotary pumps MDU-RB are equipped with pumps of the type RB-DV produced by the Italian factory "Robuschi".
Modular degassing units MDU-RB, equipped with a rotary pump line RB-DV, take a very important place.

Degassing units of our production, identified as MDU-RB - are aggregates based on rotary pumps with a special device for the injection of the cooling gas. Thanks for this cooling system, the vacuum, created by the unit MDU-RB type in the degassing pipeline of mine, twice more in comparison with vacuum, created by plants of other producers. In turn, working with the absolute suction of pressure up to 100 mbar (pressure is 900 mbar), or 93% of the vacuum, the working temperature of the pump does not exceed 85°C.

The absence of friction parts in the working area of the pump RB-DV, as well as the application of anti-corrosion, anti-static and abrasion-resistant cover, provide an increased operating life of the unit.

In addition, to ensure heightened security and increase the life time of the pump groups and elements of the unit, each MDU-RB is equipped with purification system of methane-air mixture from mechanical impurities and moisture, placed in a separate module, installed before vacuuming modules of MDU.

The purification system of methane-air mixture includes separators and filters of stainless steel. Draining of separators is automated.

Degassing unit of the type MDU-RB is fully adapted to the Russian market and their technical specifications has no analogues in the modern industry.

Typical complete of delivery degassing unit MDU-RB includes 2 modules:

  • Vacuuming module (pump module);
  • Vodule of methane-air mixture purification, combined with the operator room.

Additionally, according to the technical task of the Customer, degassing unit can be equipped with:

  • The cogeneration unit (production of electricity and heat);
  • The high temperature flare unit of a closed type with the possibility of subsequent use of heat.