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Chief engineer JSC "Bolshevik Mine" JSC «Sibuglemet»
"Degassing unit of MDU-180RV was put into operation at the mine «Bolshevik»,...
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Equipment for methane utilization

During the existence of LLC “RDE “Factory of MDU” it has made more than 80 degassing units of the type MDU, consisting of 147 vacuuminng modules, where are operated 272 pumps. For the period from September 2010 to June 2014 over 4975000000 m3 methane-air mixture is pumped out from coal seams with degassing units of the type MDU.

LLC “RDE “Factory of MDU” offers you two ways of methane utilization:

  • using of methane as fuel in cogeneration units;
  • flaring of methane in flares of the closed type.

Cogeneration units

Cogeneration is a highly efficient method of production of heat and electricity. The efficiency of electricity production in the classical power plants is in the range of 25 to 35%, while cogeneration units work with efficiency of 80 to 90% because of using of thermal energy.

The payback period of cogeneration units is from 2.5 to 3 years.

The unit is made as a modular construction, i.e. the engine, the generator and the rest of equipment (heat exchangers, fittings, silencer, etc.) are located on the common frame in the module of container type. All the units are equipped with control and measuring instruments (CMI), electric control and synchronization cabinet, power switchboard.

The advantages of modular construction:

  • The minimum level of noise produced by the unit allows you to place it in rooms without special preparation.
  • The low cost of construction and installation works at the installation area.
  • The all pipe network, cabling and other equipment are installed in the module and it excludes the possibility of outside intervention.
  • It is possible to manufacture cogeneration units with various electrical and thermal power.


Flare unit of the closed type

Modular degassing units of the type MDU can additionally be equipped with a module of flaring and utilization, which is made as a flare of the closed type with possibility of heat utilization. Concentration of methane in flared methane-air mixture is in the range of 25-100%.

The advantages of module of flaring and utilization are:

  • The absence of heat emission and visible flame;
  • The low level of noise;
  • The simple control system with easy access to all elements of control;
  • The access to all serviced junctions of the flare unit;
  • The possibility of heat utilization;
  • The flare units of the closed type can be positioned in the immediate vicinity of technological equipment;
  • The two-layer fire protection is applied to sections, which consist of a layer of mullite silica fiber thickness of 20 mm, covered with a layer of 5 mm of composite on the basis of sodium alumino silicate (NaAl2SiO3), which protects against the penetration of condensate and combustion products.


The heat insulating properties of a double-layer fire protection

The temperature at various spots of flare:

a) the temperature of burner devices to 350 degrees C.

b) the temperature of the inner wall is 347,7 degrees C.

c) the temperature of the outer wall  is < 80 degrees C.