Lebedev Sergey Nikolaevich
Chief engineer JSC "Bolshevik Mine" JSC «Sibuglemet»
"Degassing unit of MDU-180RV was put into operation at the mine «Bolshevik»,...
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MDU based on liquid ring pumps of Italian factory "Robuschi"

Modular degassing units MDU-RV based on liquid ring pumps are equipped with pumps of the type RVS, that's produced by the Italian factory ROBUSCHI.

Degassing units of the series MDU-RV have a number of serious technical advantages in comparison with existing global manufacturers of vacuum liquid ring pump units.

All liquid ring pumps RVS are completed with automatic discharge valve. Thanks to it pumps of the series RVS, the only liquid ring, which are able to work in the whole range of vacuum.

The distinctive feature of MDU-RV is the latest device SIA (Integrated system of the anticavitation), which completely eliminates the problem of cavitation, cancelling the vapour bubbles in the moment of their formation. Due to the using of the new device, the phenomenon of cavitation is missing even when the mouth of the inlet is fully closed.

Degassing unit MDU-RV is equipped with a system with closed cycle of working fluid. Additionally, methane-air mixture passes through demister, in where the residual moisture is separated, and as the result - consumption of the working liquid is reduced to the minimum and come to natural evaporation.

Standard delivery set of degassing unit MDU-RV consists of 2 modules:

  • Vacuuming module (pump module);
  • The module of methane-air mixture purification, combined with the operator room.

Additionally, according to the technical task of the Customer, degassing unit can be equipped with:

  • The cogeneration unit (production of electricity and heat);
  • The high temperature flare unit of a closed type with the possibility of subsequent use of heat.