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Degassing pipes and flanges

Degassing pipes

A new offer on the market is metal degassing pipes, produced by LLC “RDE “Factory of MDU”.

To provide a more complete range of services for the degassing of mines, at the beginning of 2012 the leadership of the plant decided to base the production of pipes for degassing.

To ensure high quality of a new product, it was decided to use the latest equipment from leading world manufacturers.

Thermal cutting machine produced in the Czech Republic with power supply device of USA production, is used for the production of precision sheet metal billet for pipe and flanges.

The programmable rolling machine of Italian production is used for rolling of a pipe of length up to 4000 mm.

The Automatic console of Italian production with welding unit of German production is used for welding. Welding of all welds of pipes is made in shielding gas Ar+CO2, that increases the quality of welds at times.

Each pipe is subjected to bead blasting before its painting.

The painting of pipes is in a specially prepared spray booth with suction and exhaust air ventilation system.

Using this equipment LLC “RDE “Factory of MDU” can produce pipes of different diameters: minimum of 325 mm, maximum -1500 mm.

The flanges are manufactured according to GOST 12820-80. But for its partners, if it is necessary, LLC “RDE “Factory of MDU” can manufacture pipes and flanges other than standard sizes.

This line of equipment is automated, that eliminates the human factor.

The production capacity is 10,000 meters of degassing pipes in a month.

This production line has no analogues in the Kemerovo region.

Outer diameter, mm Thickness of a pipe wall, mm Pipe length, m
325 3 4
426 3 4
477 3 4
500 3 4
630 3 3,2
800 3-4 3,2
1200 3-4 3,2
1500 4 3,2

Flat steel welded flanges

LLC “RDE “Factory of MDU” manufactures flat steel welded flanges according to GOST 12820-80.

The dimensions of manufactured flanges are from DN32 to DN1200.

The flanfing of pipes

Adjustable bend with an angle of rotation from 00 to 450

To facilitate the installation of degassing pipeline LLC “RDE “Factory of MDU” launched the production of bends with adjustable angle of rotation from 0° to 45°.

Main technical data:

  • working environment: methane-air mixture;
  • working environment temperature: up to 200°C;
  • working pressure 1 MPa;
  • available sizes: nominal diameter DN 150 to DN 500, the adjustment ranges of the angle of rotation 0°-45°, 45°-90°.

On the model and diagrams there is illustrate the bend with a nominal diameter of 400 mm, designed for a maximum pressure of 1 MPa, with an angle of rotation from 0° to 45° BFA-400-1-0/45.

It is designed for installation of pipelines with non-standard angles of pipes.

Distinctive features of the bend are:

• the simplicity and reliability of junction without moving sealing elements (according to the principle of the free flange on the mounting ring);

• the constant at all angles of rotation distance from the face of connected pipe to the axis of intersection of the pipe (see diagram).