Gavrilov Viktor Ivanovich
Chief engineer "DD&UM" JSC «SUEK-Kuzbass»
“The first degassing unit on the basis of the Italian liquid ring pumps was ...
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About the company

LLC «RDE «Factory of MDU» was founded in 2009 according to initiative of leader Kuzbass mining coal enterprises as manufacturer factory of modular degassing units.

      The basic direction of LLC “RDE “Factory of MDU” is production of the equipment for preliminary degassing of developed coal layers, degassing of adjacent coal layers and pumping of concentrated methane-air mixtures from worked-out areas.

      There are innovative technologies and the highest quality components in the units, produced by LLC «RDE «Factory of MDU», which are based on rotary pumps and liquid ring pumps of Italian factory of ROBUSCHI (GardnerDenver S.r.l.-Divisione ROBUSCHI) production.

      The plant is located on the territory of Kemerovo region. The total area of the enterprise is over 15000 m2, the number of highly qualified specialists is more than 180 people.

The Factory produces modular degassing units of two types:

  1. Modular degassing units on the basis of rotary pumps;
  2. Modular degassing units on the basis of liquid ring pumps.

And also:

  • The factory executes installation and commissioning of the equipment into operation;
  • The factory executes a full instructing and training of the personnel of the companies-customers (specialists attend the factory of the company ROBUSCHI, Parma, Italy);
  • The factory produces cogeneration units in cooperation with company TEDOM a.s., (Czech Republic);
  • The factory executes a full instruction and training of the personnel of the companies-customers (specialists attend the factory of the company TEDOM a.s, (Czech Republic);
  • The factory manufactures thin-walled degassing pipes in diameter from 300 to 1500 mm.

          Units of the type MDU are developed with the participation of the Institute of comprehensive exploitation of mineral resources of the Russian Academy of Sciences (SCIENTIFIC STATION, RAS), and with the involvement of technical experts from the leading coal companies of Russia.

          Modular degassing units with an automated control system meet all the requirements of the «Instructions for the degassing of coal mines», «Instructions for use schemes of  airing of excavation sites of mines with isolated removal of methane from out space with gas suction units».

          Thus the units of the  type MDU are adapted for the using in the coal mining industry of the Russian Federation. They are used in mines, where it is impossible to ensure the content of methane in the air within safety standards by means of ventilation.

Constructive reliability and safety

         High-quality materials and certified equipment are used in the production of units. Electrical equipment in explosion-proof version is installed in the technological modules. In addition, all the sensors installed in the modules of degassing and purification, have explosion-proof and included in the State register of approved measuring instruments of Russia.

The construction of the unit provides for location of pumps as in the same or in different modules. In case of emergency situation it allows to stop the pumps located in one module, while they will continue to work in another one. Thus, the degassing process will not stop.

         In all technology compartments there is control of atmospheric composition and in the case of appearance of methane in dangerous concentrations, all electrical equipment turns off.

         The units of the type MDU have the certificate of the technical regulations of the Customs Union «On safety of equipment for explosive environments» (TR CU 012/2011), and permission for using given by the Federal environmental, industrial and nuclear supervision service of Russia.

Automated control system

         MDU are equipped with an automated control system (ACS), which provides control of parameters of degassing unit work, displaying the current status of the units and technological processes on the screen of the operator panel, operation via operator panel, and archiving of information about  the MDU units and the values of the controlled parameters of technological processes, and its output to the screen of the operator panel in the form of graphs.

         ACS allows to control the degassing unit by manual (local) and automatic modes. In the first case, management by mechanisms is implemented by the operator screen of operator station. In the second - by programmable controller according to a given program without operator intervention.