Lebedev Sergey Nikolaevich
Chief engineer JSC "Bolshevik Mine" JSC «Sibuglemet»
"Degassing unit of MDU-180RV was put into operation at the mine «Bolshevik»,...
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Кotinskaya Mine

Finished project:
OAO "SUEK-Kuzbass" PE Kotinskaya Mine.
Start of operation the MDU-180RV.


Gavrilov Viktor Ivanovich
Chief engineer "DD&UM" JSC «SUEK-Kuzbass»

“The first degassing unit on the basis of the Italian liquid ring pumps was put into operation on 28 July 2011, PU :Mine "Kotinskaya». Today similar units are purchased for the needs of the PU «Mine n.a. S.M. Kirov» and PU «Mine No. 7». Technical characteristics of the equipment and its safety are very important for us. The purification module of a methane-air mixture coming from the well,
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