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Accidents on mine "Kusheyakovskaya"

Date of publication: 13.08.2013

August 6 at 16:17 pm at the mine "Kusheyakovskaya", owned by "JUzhkuzbassugol" (a division of EVRAZ Group S.A., Novokuznetsk, Kemerovo region), there was a fire methane-air mixture over a candle vacuum module number 1 vacuum degassing unit MDU-145RB (pumps RB-DV 145). The cause of fire served as a lightning protection system failure (one of three lightning was out of whack).

During a thunderstorm, lightning was ignited methane mixture over a candle degassing unit. In this case, the unique design of degassing unit is not allowed to develop a flame, and the automation system is switched off the vacuum pumps.

After a joint inspection by representatives Rosgortehnadzor inspection, the mine and LLC "RDE" Factory of MDU” established that the plant is in good and serviceable condition.


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